British Council Ukraine and the Goethe-Institut, in partnership with CANactions, launch a programme to identify, support and implement innovative urban development projects that seek to reinvigorate post-industrial, mid-sized cities across the Ukraine through the cultural and creative industries. The programme recognises the importance of supporting communities which are working together to address common urban issues, and seeks to draw on British and German expertise in this area.
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We want to support most innovative architectural/urbanist projects aiming to address urban issues in post-industrial, mid-sized Ukrainian cities (pop. 50,000 - 600,000). Open call for applications starts on November 15, 2016 and will run till January 16, 2017. Our international panel of experts will select two winning proposals that will receive up to € 15,000 each to implement their project, as well as the chance to receive mentorship support from a German and/or British urban development agency. Selected teams will also get the chance to travel to Germany and/or the UK to take part in a tailored study-tour of urban regeneration.
Call opens
15 November 2016
Deadline for applications
16 January 2017
Shortlist announced
24 January 2017
Announcement winners
9 February 2017
February - November 2017
  • Architects/urbanists teams and agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations, associations and institutions
  • Applicants/organisations can only submit one application per organisation;
  • At least one team member has to be fluent in English or German;
  • Applications need to be submitted by a registered business entity or on behalf of a community organisation;
  • Applicants have to reside in Ukraine and able to sign a contract with the partners if the application is successful.
  • Projects need to focus on architectural/urbanistic solutions to urban issues in post-industrial areas of mid-sized (50,000-600,000) Ukrainian cities;
  • The application needs to focus on real outcomes and present a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, aims, methodology, costs and results, inherent to the project proposed;
  • The project needs to have a clear social commitment to improve the life of a community in terms of culture and creative industries;
  • Applications need to show evidence of local stakeholders involvement in a project, e.g., civil society representatives, business and local authorities;
  • Projects should be sustainable, and show the potential of outliving the grant period;
  • Although not essential, the evidence of co-funding is desirable.
  • Budget worksheet units and subunits are fixed; though they are not mandatory for each project. Expenses in budget worksheet may be distributed through all or some of the units;
  • Fees and operating costs should not exceed 20% of the total budget;
  • Site programming/events organization expenses should not exceed 20% of the total budget;
  • Contingency costs should not exceed 10% of total.
  • Operational/running costs of institutions;
  • Project proposals that overlap with the functions of state-level or local governmental institutions (except those situations when a project aims at increasing existing governmental project's effectiveness/reach);
  • Funding for recurring project and events, such as running costs of an annual festival;
  • Projects that have commenced before the application deadline and activities that have already taken place;
  • Work/product realization without any active collaboration with partners, such as solo exhibitions, music recording, film and tv production, production of computer games and books etc.;
  • Researches/ publications.
  • A grant of up to € 15 000 (each);
  • A week's worth of mentoring with either a German or a British urban development agency, who will travel to Ukraine to meet the team and familiarize themselves with the city and project;
  • Participation in a 4-5 days study tour to either Germany or the UK, hosted by the partner urban agency;
  • Valuable practical experience in implementation of an urban transformation project and monitoring its implementation in a transparent and efficient way;
  • An opportunity to share unique experience with a wider Ukrainian and international audience;
  • Media promotion during the implementation of the project.
If you have any queries, contact Margo Didichenko at [email protected]
Chicken Town (CREATE) / UK
Enlight / Ukraine
Green Rooms / UK
Izolyatsia / Ukraine
Plattenvereinigung / Germany
Waggons Stuttgart / Germany