project progress
project diary
3-7 May
City Scanning Session festival curators field trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

On example of the festival as first attempt of city projects by MetaLab we looked together with our curators at the modern issues and challenges present in the city and how to tackle them.
2-3 June
Presenting City Scanning Session festival and MetaLab platform on CANactions festival in Kiev

Both projects realized by Teple Misto - platform MetaLab and festival City Scanning Session were presented to wider audience at the CANactions festival for the purpose of future networking as well.
9 June - 1 July
Starting PromProm experimental design workshop. First stage - analysis, research, concept.

As we discovered significant shortage of proper local product design we organized an experimental course, which gathered makers at their different life stages - students, workers, pensioners - at Promprylad factory. Together we worked in a creative studio within the process of the floor reconstruction as a case of creating new design forms and units.
1 July - 15 July
PromProm workshop.
Second stage - design and prototyping.

After we researched the industrial heritage design and organized guest lectures by invited professionals three groups got a task to design three items and reproduce them in 1:1 scale.
City Scanning Session festival participants open call

Meanwhile we defined the topics we will be working with in the city during the festival and opened the call for Ukrainian and international participants.
29-31 July
Presenting MetaLab platform and City Scanning Session festival in frames of Ukrainian Urban Activists Movement

Metalab / Teple Misto urbanism team was invited to participate at national urban activists meeting. There we worked on urbanism roadmap, agenda, and tools of reaching the expected results.
12-20 August
City Scanning Session festival

12 various workshops in different city venues with different issues in order to identify what are the requests of existing active actors. Results: installations, video works, exhibitions, performances

19 August
Presenting Metalab platform with curators from London Joost Beunderman and Je Ahn, in frames of City Scanning Session festival

Presentation of the MetaLab platform as project of Teple Misto and announcement of next steps and programme phases.
August -

PromProm workshop. Third stage - developing prototypes with local makers

After creating 1:1 samples the teams gathered to test and assess the objects, which were co-working table, transformer wall, and transformative dynamic module (seating, working, catering) to finalize the result and to forward them to local makers at manufacturing phase.

PromProm workshop. Fourth stage - producing furniture pieces, planning a community workshop.

Prom-Prom was a training before creating MetaLab as a physical space at the Promprylad. After PromProm a community with common interest in product design emerged and is now ready for the next step of common Lab building and designing.

As a possible continuation the group plans to develop portfolio of street furniture and infrastructure as alternative to existing city units.
4 September
British Council visit to Ivano-Frankivsk

Hosting Pablo Rosselló de las Casas, director Arts at British Council Ukraine, sharing the results and processes of MetaLab platform, visiting PromPrylad factory.
13 September
MetaLab platform city projects public discussion

This event was a transition from the festival to the MetaLab where we discussed about the formats of future projects and the interests of the participants also with relation to the outcomes of the festival.
15-19 September
Presenting MetaLab during Prague workshop on urban activism, hosted by Prague Civil Society Centre.

We presented MetaLab to urban institutions from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Czech, Moldova and Slovakia. Participants were working on future networking possibilities and ideas of common projects taking into consideration similar environments.
19-23 September
PromPrylad pilot floor hosting first events

"UkraineLab" forum took place on premises of PromPrylad, which is an interdisciplinary and cross-sector network for ukrainian changemakers. MetaLab project team was invited to lead one of the workshops devoted to pop-up urban projects and to share local experiences.

#SocialImpactDays brought together managers and experts from the public, private and civil society sectors in post-Soviet countries, the EU and Turkey to focus on cross-sector collaboration and offer a creative space for innovative solutions to tackle social issues. This time forum took place in Ivano-Frankivsk, looking into the revitalization of cities through placemaking at the example of #Promprylad. MetaLab project team was presenting urban and architectural context to participants.
21 September
First SUP programme meeting

Launching of the SUP programme (create your urban project) - one of community project tools in MetaLab. Those are weekly open evenings for citizens to meet, work, network, trade skills and find collaborators for your community projects.
September 2017
The premisses of the 3rd floor, where MetaLab has its space were renovated to basic needs (floor, ceiling, walls, bathrooms). During October windows and heating systems will be installed. At this point MetaLab as one of tenants has ordered needed materials for the space. During October-November we will be working on the physical space.
September -

December 2017
Programming work, where we will be operating with few different formats involving locals and external experts.