Studio Weave and 00 practice members, who are the British Mentors of the Urban Action program, has recently visited the location in Ivano- Frankivsk, paying specific attention to the field research of the city context, project plan development, providing team with the tools of its effective implementation and progress assessment
project diary
The result of the intensive two days work of the MetaLab team together with representatives from Studio Weave and 00 bureau can be briefly described as broadening the horyzon for the MetaLab project.

To be honest we did not know what to expect from this visit initially and what we experinced during those two days was something we would call really productive and critical work. The process was built around questioning every single bit MetaLab team has been doing and planning so we felt what is stronger and what is weaker, thus, where is a need for stronger reasoning or different approach. Indeed the feeling after such visit is something that drives us through a working day being inspired.

The thing we expected initially from the visit actually starts to happen - more complex and wider inderstanding the MetaLab potential and possible new ideas // concepts // sollutions.
Throughout two days we covered topics of wider mission / impact, target audiences, types of programming, and possible business models and the models of governing. As a part of the future sustainability of the project we will be also very happy to include MetaLab to global community so the different type of exchange is stimulated.

Afterall this visit was a strong motivation for us to carry on with our work aiming to create a city-change toolkit for medium-scale city in a postindustrial context.

By Alexander Shevchenko, Project Manager